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"I'm so glad that my friend told me about Elisabeth and her Family Constellations.  I went in with high expectations and was shocked to leave with even higher results.  I highly recommend Elisabeth and this modality to anyone who wants all that life can give, but is stuck in one or more areas." K.S.



“I'm feeling so much has freed up in my attitude toward relationships and life since my last constellation.  It's remarkable. It happens without trying.  I'm feeling a lot braver and stronger to go out there and lead a full life!  Thanks for this good work you are doing, Elisabeth.” K.C.



"I came to Family Constellation Work with a very open mind. While I wasn't sure what to think, what little I did expect exceeded my wildest imagination. From the beginning, Elisabeth was warm and welcoming. Her calm and efficient demeanor explained the process so clearly and allowed for any questions to be answered in an inviting manner. I knew there were issues in my family system pertaining to shame and sadness, and I needed to learn how those feelings were impeding my progress in life. From my first visit, I was in. Family Constellations is such beautiful and enriching experience, and the emotional connection is so naturally rewarding. Despite the work’s uniqueness, it always felt really normal to connect in this fashion. Through this modality, I uncovered a real understanding of family issues in a way I would not have had access to otherwise. Elisabeth’s direction throughout the work is skillful, attentive and compelling. She always knows how to move a constellation forward for the best possible resolution. Her ability to take charge without overpowering is a real gift. This form of work is incredibly transformative, and I'm so thankful to be a part of it. To this day I continue to benefit from the work." N.B.



"After a constellation with Elisabeth I felt uniquely satisfied on a deep pre-conceptual level. She is exceptional from the thoroughness in her opening presentation to the way she elegantly brings resolution to each constellation with expertise, professionalism, and profound love. I found it particularly satisfying that she brings resolution to the ancestors as well." A.Z.



"Elisabeth is an incredible facilitator - she is very caring and patient and allows time for you to unravel your story to find the root cause of the problem - even if it means going back several generations to ancestors you have no recollection

of. You come away from your constellation feeling "glued back together again", and having a better sense of self.

I have attended many constellation workshops with different facilitators and I find I am most comfortable in Elisabeth's circle. She makes it very safe and secure to be very vulnerable so you can explore any problem. She holds the space with a lot of love and compassion so there is no room for any judgement, blame or shame. You are in good hands with Elisabeth!" N.E.






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